“Riveting… A fascinating history…A rich story admirably told.”
New York Times

“A gripping page turner, a significant contribution to the history of medicine and technology and a cautionary tale.”
Los Angeles Times Book Prize Judges’ Citation

“This rewarding book, filled with sharp science, as everything from a brief survey of blood leading to an account of the massive mobilization of donated blood for the Allied invasion of Normandy. But its real subject is the postwar rise of the ‘blood services complex,’ which controls the global market for blood products.”
The New Yorker

“Reads like a thriller. Starr is a wonderful storyteller as well as a sober historian.”
Dallas Morning News

“Totally fascinating.”
Library Journal

“Extraordinarily intriguing.”
Science News

Blood is a story of human frailty and courage, a book from which any reader could learn.”New England Journal of Medicine

“A spellbinding, medical and social history…”
The Sciences

“An intriguing book… with some important lessons for public health.”
Business Week

“Starr’s lively history… courses with greed, all true wisdom, and a woozily vivid detail.”
Entertainment Weekly (“A” rating)

“Meticulously researched, elegantly told.”

“Starr writes like a wildly enthusiastic high school biology teacher who arrives each day bristling with excitement, leaping about before the chalkboard, cracking jokes and zealously banging his fist on his desk. Even the most in different brands pay attention, and so too will readers… Starr has created what amounts to a history of the human race perceived through the filter of blood is medical product.”
Village Voice Literary Supplement

“In its international scope, years of research, and implications for our collective future, Bloodis truly an epic.”
Toronto Globe and Mail.

The New York Review of Books

The Evening Standard (London)